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Unixon Solutions is a website and mobile application development company which also deals in internet Marketing. We help companies around the world streamline their processes, save on their IT spending, and simply make their business better. Headquarter in Indore (M.P). Unixon Solutions delivers you top-notch IT services at an affordable prices.

What we offer?

Unixon Solutions has wide experience in Android Application Development. We provide Android Application Development platform including Mobile enabled website development, J2ME based Mobile Application Development on Samsung, LG phones, Android - Google mobile hosted solution.
We are specialist I-Phone Application development company offering full-spectrum, end-to end services across diverse categories.
Responsive webdesigns to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors).
Unixon Solutions had worked as payment gateway intermediaries for Pay Pal, eBay U.S.A. and Secure pay Australia, EBS, ICICI Payment Gateway. We charge only a negligible amount for this service. We offer scalable quality solutions delivered at the right time. Unixon Solutions had worked as payment gateway intermediaries for Pay Pal,eBay U.SA. and Secure pay Australia, EBS, ICICI Payment Gateway.

Who we Are?

  • Our Mission

    Our main goal is to satisfy our existing customers and to attract new customers by building and maintaining a reputation in the creative Software industry, as a company that offers cost-effective, high-quality solutions to varied clientele. We have come to recognize that all customers, regardless of industry, are interested in these essentials: being listened to and understood, being shown respect, being kept informed, and in receiving superior value in the form of final product delivered on time at a fair price.
  • Our Vission

    Unixon Solutions was set up with a vision to create and develop World class IT products. The idea was formed while working on a system while having a toast in the other hand. In 2010 set up Unixon Solutions; which was a self financed project aimed to deliver IT solutions. We’re here for one reason: to help all type of businesses succeed. With numbers of customers and years of experience, we know what businesses need to succeed.
  • Our Strategy

    Our team (Visulaisers Web Designer) invests heavily to stay on top of new developments in technology and 'Internet Marketing techniques', but you will be pleased to know we are customer-focused rather than just technology-focused. We will make sure your online business is customer-focused too!

Our Startup Year

In Jan 2011, I started getting uncomfortable in my office. It was a dull cubicle of an IT company in Indore. I was pretending to fix defects when I was actually wasting time on the internet. My mind was taken over by thoughts of freedom from my boring job. And my manager and other colleagues could sense that there was something wrong.


Plan for Large Portals

We’re also providing a great opportunity for outdated, redundant or underused offices to be brought back to life by converting them into homes, protecting the green belt and countryside at the same time. This will also increase footfall and provide knock-on benefits to the wider community.


Improve Our Employees

Empowerment is the key to making people efficient. It makes teams happy, and if they're happy, they produce higher-quality work and are more productive. [Let employees] have their own strategy and goals — leave it up to them. They don't need to come to you and ask a million questions.


We Hire People

At Unixon Solutions, we hire innovators, creative thinkers, team players, technology experts, and top-performing individuals of all kinds. We hire experienced professionals and entry-level career seekers, who are equally passionate about our connection to the communities we serve and the world we share.


Larger Achievments

When an Achievement is accomplished, a notification appears near the bottom of your screen, similar to the example shown here. At the same time, a reward becomes available at the Administrative Building. The reward is fixed, and is different for each Achievement.


Enlarge Our Scope

The larger outside for the professional is the awareness of their nestedness as professional in society. It is quiet naive to think that helping a client is automatically a contribution to relevant broader historical development. Professionals are often trapped in the relational practice of helping.


Our Skills

Unixon Solutions develops smart and appealing web site design which attracts viewers and effectively convey your message so that you get results.We focus on making 'web site design' that is easy to navigate, without compromising aesthetic quality. Our web site design includes solid graphic design skills, high-end programming web site application, and innovative web site optimization techniques.

  • Web UI Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Graphic design
  • SEO Managment


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